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Leiterin Archiv
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Martina Schilling
Ansprechpartnerin für Stadtmuseum
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Municipal Museum

Please note:
The Municipal Museum is closed since July 30st 2017.
A new permanent exhibition in the Schauraum, Karl-Fürstenberg-Straße 17, is in preparation. Expected Opening: Summer 2018.

The Municipal Museum was located in the attic of the Haus Salmegg near the old Rhine bridge, Rheinbrückstraße 8.

Thanks to a collection relating to local history and changing exhibitions, the visitor can follow the development of the town of Rheinfelden (Baden) and today’s incorporated villages.

The Municipal Museum secures various objects and exhibits dating from the past and is considered, together with the municipal archive, as a contact address handling historical questions and events concerning the town of Rheinfelden (Baden) and its incorporated villages.

Its collection relating to local history has continiously been extended, mainly through private donations, in few cases, also through the purchase of objects, furniture, photos, documents and so on relevant to the history of the town of Rheinfelden (Baden).

The Municipal Museum of Rheinfelden (Baden) is a member of the „Oberrheinischen Museumspass e. V“ .

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