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Mouscron: Statue Hurlu Thanks to its position on the border to the northern French industrial region around Lille, Mouscron developed into an important textile town. Nowadays, Asian imports are significantly cheaper. Thus, new sources of income had to be found.

Mouscron tries to profit from its position in the border area and to become a kind of  French gate to the North into the Benelux-countries and Scandinavia.

Between Rheinfelden (Baden) and Mouscron, senior citizens exchanges take place out  on a regular basis. One or two senior citizens from Rheinfelden go to Mouscron and stay there in a holiday apartment and vice versa.

Country: Belgium
Region: Wallonia
Inhabitants: 56.000
Languages: French, Flemish
Mayor: Brigitte Aubert
Twinning town since 1981

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