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Friends of Fécamp


Fécamp Up to the 20th century, the town on the Channel was an important fishing port. But due to  industrial fishing, these times are over. Nowadays, the town, among others, strives to attract tourists.

The steep cliffs are delightful and still attract many painters. Some place names remind us that the region was actually conquered by  Scandinavians a thousand years ago, e.g. the name „Fécamp“ originates from Fiskhavn (fishing port).

Senior citizens exchanges are carried out  on a regular basis between Rheinfelden and Fécamp. One or two senior citizens from Rheinfelden go to Fécamp and stay there in a holiday apartment and vice versa.
Logo Fécamp
Country: France
Region: Normandy
Inhabitants: 21.000
Language: French
Mayor: Marie-Agnès Poussier-Winsback
Twinning town since 1963

Various activities are organized by the “Freundeskreis Fécamp” (Friends of Fécamp). For further information,  please contact the Cultural Office.

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