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Warmbach um 1910

Historical postcard of Warmbach (1930)

History of Warmbach

Crest of Warmbach
The word „Warmbach" probably originates from the Old High German „Warba". This means spin, movement or stream with eddies. But it could originate from a totally different word  and it could mean  „Stream of the Waro". In the year 754, Warmbach, as well as Minseln, was mentioned for the first time in writing in a document of the monastery St. Gall. Findings on its territory prove the earlier settlement of Romans.

Apart from agriculture, the population of Warmbach used to be engaged in fishing and shipping, too. As members of the Rhine Cooperative, the barge captains of  Warmbach were entitled to transport goods and persons from Rheinfelden to Basel by means of the so-called weekly conveyance. Moreover, they possessed the monopole for shipping the cartloads of stones coming  from the quarries of  the  Dinkelberg  and being brought to  Basel.

The coat of arms reflects these facts: In a silver shield you can see a blue stream in direction of the  bar, on the place of the middle crossing occupied by a square stone in a natural colour. On account of the indication „natural" colour, the stone was marked in brown at first. But nowadays, this is no longer usual, that is why the notion „stone marked in black“ can be found in the deed on coat of arms of the General archives of the Land in  Karlsruhe, sign 450/2546.

At its own request, the municipality of Warmbach joined the double municipality of Nollingen-Badisch Rheinfelden in the year 1921. In 1922, the former municipalities  Nollingen-Badisch Rheinfelden and Warmbach received the status of township under the name of  Rheinfelden. Since 1963 with the official supplement “(Baden)”.

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