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  • Painted postcard of Beuggen (1906)
    Painted postcard of Beuggen (1906)

    Historical postcard of Karsau
    Historical postcard of Karsau

History of Karsau

Crest of Karsau Together with Riedmatt and Beuggen, Karsau used to form a closed territory of the Teutonic Order commendam of Beuggen founded in 1246. In 1218, Beuggen was mentioned for the first time as „Bugheim“, and in the year Jahr 1269, the documentation of  Karsau as „Karlesouwe“ and of Riedmatt as „zu Rietmatten“ followed.

Karsau is situated on the southern slope of the Dinkelberg, while Riedmatt is situated in a valley basin leading to the Rhine. Adjacent to the west is Beuggen and its powerful castle of the Teutonic Order built in the middle of the 13th century . The lords of the manor possessed  the manorial estate and villeinage, as well as the lower and, since 1739, also the higher jurisdiction over their subjects.

In the year 1806, the Teutonic Order commendam passed into the possession of the grand duke of Baden. In the course of the centuries, the castle was used in different ways, having a few times changed its owners. Since 1954, it belongs to the  Protestant  Church of the Land and is used as meeting place.

Picture Postcard of Karsau (1915)
Picture Postcard of Karsau (1915)

Location: 363m above sea level
Territory: 841 ha
Inhabitants: 3.557
Incorporation: 1975
Coat of arms: A golden bee-hive in blue
Places of interest:
Beuggen Castle,
Tschamberhöhle (cave)

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