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  • Aerial photography of Herten (1940)
    Aerial photography of Herten (1940)

    Church Saint Josef in Herten (1950)
    Church Saint Josef in Herten (1950)

History of Herten

Crest of Herten In 807, the place was mentioned for the first time in writing as Harta and Hertum, but before the Romans had already settled within the boundaries as has been proved by numerous findings. Near the territorial border to Wyhlen, an alemannic cemetery was discovered, one of the most important findings in Baden. As early as in the 11th century, Herten probably belonged to the County of  Rheinfelden and became Austrian in 1494 as well.

In 1261, the castle of Hertin near Basel was mentioned. Under the name of Herten, the ministerial dynasties of Kiburg, Thurgau and Reichenau appear. The castle ruin of Hertenberg is within its territory  .
Being situated on a low  terrace of the High Rhine at the foot of the Dinkelberg, Herten  gradually changed from a rural settlement to a residential municipality in the 20th century.

Painted postcard of the Saint Josefshaus Herten (1900)
Painted postcard of the Saint Josefshaus Herten (1900)

Location: 281 m above sea level
Territory:  823 ha
Inhabitants: 4.663
Incorporation: 1973
Coat of arms: A golden hexagram in blue, therein the Austrian fess shield.
Places of interests:

Pond house,
Crow-stepped gable houses,
Catholic parish church Saint Urban,
Lindenbrunnen (Fountain).

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