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  • Painted postcard of Eichsel (1900)
    Painted postcard of Eichsel (1900)

    Postcard of Eichsel (1920)
    Postcard of Eichsel (1920)

    View of Untereichsel (1920)
    View of Untereichsel (1920)

History of Eichsel

Crest of EichselIn 1242, the place was mentioned for the first time as Eichissol  belonging at that time to the county and falling later under Austrian rule of Rheinfelden. Together with other places on the Dinkelberg, Eichsel was integrated into one judicial district at the beginning of the 17th century. After being taken over by  Baden, the place came under the authority of Beuggen in 1806, then in 1809 under  the District Office of Schopfheim.

The first mention of  a gothic church in Eichsel is connected with the village’s veneration of the three holy virgins, Kunigunde, Mechtunde and Wibranda. Historical Postcard of Eichsel (1905)According to a local legend, the three women belonged to the entourage of the holy Ursula. On their way to Basel, they fell ill and died in Rappersweier. They were buried in Eichsel and soon after that, so-called miracles occurred at their graves.

In 1504, when the papal legate Raymund Peraudi had examined the cult of the saints, the mortal remains of the three virgins were reburied in reliquiaries in the St. Gallus church in Eichsel. Thus, the popular worship of these three holy women was authorized, so to speak.

Later on, the three holy virgins became the focus of a rather significant pilgrimage in the region. Every 3rd  Sunday in  July,  the so-called Eichsler Umgang (procession) takes place in their honor.

Location: 435 m above sea level
Territory: 500 ha
Inhabitants: 800
Incorporation: 1974
Coat of arms:

An acorn and two leaves on a green oak-twig in silver. As early as in the 19th century, the municipality used the oak-twig as a signet.
Places of interest:

St. Gallus Church,
Chapel in Niedereichsel,
Jungfrauenbrunnen (Virgin’s Fountain),
Eichseler Umgang (procession).

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