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  • Painted postcard of Degerfelden (1900)
    Painted postcard of Degerfelden (1900)

    Photography (1920)
    Photography (1920)

History of Degerfelden

Crest of Degerfelden In the first half of the 12th century, Luitoldus de Tegervelt appears for the first time as bearer of the place’s name.
In 1283, the village is mentioned without confirmed identification.
At the  beginning of the 14th  century, it is mentioned more and more often. But findings of the New Stone Age indicate a significantly earlier settlement.
The „Hagenbacher  Hof“ belonging to the village dates back to a deserted settlement about the year 800.

In 1926, a small stronghold (refuge camp) was discovered in the area of Schlosshalde above the village, supposedly built in the 10th century. The eagle in the coat of arms of the village reminds us that until 1806, Degerfelden was under the rule of Rheinfelden and shared its history.

Photography of Degerfelden (1930) The village is situated on the gravel terrace of the Rhine plain at the entrance of a small Dinkelberg valley. The houses stand alongside the road and the stream as well as down the slope of the Waidbach valley. The area used to be suitable for the building of mills, but now the mills have been closed down. A mill was mentioned for the first time in 1370.

In 1810, the boundaries were extended when the „Gelkemer Bann“ of the abandoned settlement „Geitlikon“ was divided between Eichsel and Degerfelden. Church-wize, the municipality traditionally belonged to the parish of Herten, while the commandery of  Beuggen used to have the right of  patronage.

Location: 291 m above sea level
Territory: 990 ha
Inhabitants: 1.573
Incorporation: 1972
Coat of arms:
Red-tongued and red-armed silver eagle in blue. The Municipality adopted this coat of  arms in 1905.
Places of interest:

Alleged refuge camp,
Scale house  "Am Mühlenbach",
Village square with mill-wheel and reeve’s house,
Oil mill in  "Grenzacher Straße",
Saint Ubald Chapel "Lörracher Straße",
Hagenbacher Hof (farmstead).

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