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Rheinfelden (Baden) offers a great variety of goods ranging from day-to-day shopping to furniture, cars, electric appliances, entertainment electronics and much more.

Four main shopping centres invite you to a shopping spree

• Town centre with the pedestrian zone
• Güterstraße near the town centre
• The shopping centre Seidenweberhof at the station
• The commercial park Schildgasse

In the larger incorporated villages, the supply in the vicinity is guaranteed by shops and farm shops. The farm shops and the agricultural direct marketers in the Dinkelberg villages are a special feature. Here, consumers can purchase good agricultural products directly from the producer.

In the town centre of Rheinfelden (Baden) you will find a beautiful pedestrian zone, many specialised privately owned shops and service enterprises as well as a well-assorted weekly farmers’ market offering regional products on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings.

The cosy gastronomy invites you to stay a little longer and enjoy the first warm sun rays in spring in an outside café where you can profit from the favourable climate of Rheinfelden which  remains sunny until autumn.

The town centre is also consumer-friendly as far as traffic is concerned. Bikers may cycle through the pedestrian zone and use every one-way street in both directions. The station is within walking distance of the pedestrian zone and the cross-border bus line connects both of the towns of Rheinfelden. For visitors arriving by car, there are approx. 1,000 low-priced places to park  available. In many parking areas, the official parking disks are valid giving you 90 minutes of free parking, in car parks as well,  the first hour of parking is free of charge.


The Güterstraße is a modern line of shops completing the area between town centre and station.  It was established in 2009 in the old area of goods yard. From the parking area there, the pedestrian zone is within a few minutes walking distance.

Shopping centre Seidenweberhof

Since the middle of the 90’s, a shopping passage called “Zum Seidenweber” exists between the station and the gynaecological hospital. It is linked to a modern medical health centre and to the housing area called Seidenweber which is decorated by large façade paintings by Willie Raiber. You have parking facilities either in the underground car park or on the overground areas.

Commercial park Schildgasse

"The Schildgasse“ as the commercial park is locally called, is situated between the town centre and the industrial zone of Rheinfelden. Here you find most of all large-scale stores offering a range of goods designed for a long-term need as well: car dealers, furniture stores, building and home centres, electronics and appliances, leisure time wares and a lot more. In addition, several production workshops, handicraft service  enterprises have settled here. The Schildgasse is within easy reach by bus or bike.

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