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Family-Friendly Town of Rheinfelden

“Rheinfelden – here, the family has a future“

Being family-friendly in every respect is one of the most important aspects for the future of our town and in addition an essential criterion for the economic attractivity. Being family-friendly assures location benefits and enhances development.

Being family-friendly shows up in various qualities of the town which will be enhanced in an active, innovative, creative and common way and with the help of interlinking departments.

For planning of conception designs, demographic and socio-structural changes as well as local and regional framework requirements must be taken into consideration. Thus, “being family-friendly” is an important feature for all domains of municipal functions.

To mention just a few examples

• Education and care of children and adolescents
• Consequent further development of toddler care
• Successful development of the  „Rheinfelder Modell“ ( children’s day-care)
• Local Alliance with enterprises in Rheinfelden
• Holiday programmes during all weeks of school holidays
• Cultural-Park Tutti Kiesi (funding body Kaltenbach Foundation)
• Game  and sport areas, green and open areas
• Safe ways to school
• Planning processes in the fields children, adolescents, social affairs,  care infrastructure
• Family-friendly living and environment-urban development programme "Kursbuch Rheinfelden 2022“
• Social town
• Pupils’ canteen
• Family passport

Familienfreundliche Kommune plus

In 2015 Rheinfelden (Baden) was awarded with the title "Familienbewusste Kommune Plus" by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Netzwerk Familie Baden-Württemberg.

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