You will find manifold of educational opportunities in Rheinfelden (Baden) and  its vicinity for children and adolescents.

In Rheinfelden (Baden), there are eight primary schools, four of which are located in incorporated villages so that the local pupils do not have long distances to travel. The Hans-Thoma-School and the Goethe-School are two all-day-primary-schools.

The Eichendorff-School is a special school for children and adolescents who have severe learning difficulties. The Karl-Rolfus-School in Herten offers  appropriate education for physically or mentally disabled children or adolescents.

For further education, the main town offers aWerkreal-school (secondary education with a final qualifying exam after ten years which is the equivalent of graduation from Realschule), namely Schiller-School. There are also the Gertrud-Luckner-Realschule and the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium (grammar school). From the school year 2011/2012 onwards, the Technical Grammar School will be established at the Vocational School in Rheinfelden (Baden).

The Administrative District of Lörrach supports a vocational trade school for further education of young people in Rheinfelden (Baden). Here, you will also find a music school. In addition, the Dual-University College of Baden-Württemberg in Lörrach and the University of Basel are nearby and together with the educational organizations of Basel, Schopfheim and Waldshut-Tiengen, they offer further educational opportunities.

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