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The Youth Department of Rheinfelden (Baden) co-ordinates the annual Children’s Holiday Programme that takes place during the summer school holidays.

For over 30 years, in co-operation with numerous associations and unions, organisations and  volunteers, we continue to organize a vast Holiday Programme for children who spend their summer holidays at home in Rheinfelden (Baden). 50 offers - ranging from different creative offers, sports, game and adventure-pedagogics-based activities  to exploration of our town – guarantee that no child feels bored!  


The offers are appropriate  for children from five years onwards. An application is necessary for most of the offers.


At the beginning of July,  the Holiday Programme is handed out in schools and Holiday Programmekindergartens to children from Rheinfelden aged from five to twelve years. Applications for the respective offers must be handed in at the Municipal Administration office of Rheinfelden (Baden).
Please hand in the respective documents  at the Youth Department  of the Municipal Office for Family, Senior Citizens and Social Affairs situated on the 5th floor of the Town Hall. The personal application starts three weeks before summer holidays.

The first day for application will be announced by press or notice in due time.

Required documents

Proof of age and the respective application coupon signed by a parent or legal guardian will be required for the application.
Holiday Programme

Costs and Benefits

For most of the offers a contribution to the fees must be paid. The latter will be  reduced if the applicant is in possession of the “Rheinfelden Summer Holidays Passport”.

Time and Duration

The Holiday Programme takes place during the summer school holidays, approx. from July until  the beginning of September.

Holidays in Rheinfelden – our Reliable Holiday-Care Offers

During the duration of the school holidays,  there is time to experience holiday adventures and adventure holidays! All kinds of exciting indoor and outdoor holiday activities await you!

It is of great concern for the Municipal Office for Family, Senior Citizens and Social Affairs  to offer - if possible, during all school holidays -
a holiday-care programme in Rheinfelden (Baden) that is diversified, exciting professional as well as cost-efficient.

Holiday ProgrammeReliable  holiday-care is offered by the Kaltenbach Foundation in the Cultural Park Tutti Kiesi, the Family and Mother Centre Rheinfelden as well as by
”IG Spielplatz” at “Stadtteiltreff Pfiffikus”(associations promoting children’s activities) in Schwedenstraße in Oberrheinfelden.

In co-operation with the Youth Department, these groups form the alliance „Holidays in Rheinfelden“.

The holiday programmes are published annually in February.

Click here to see the current Ferienflyer - Programm of the School-Holidays.

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