Youth Departement

Youth DepartementThe Youth Department is the central contact office for all municipal affairs involving work with young people in the administrative centre of the district.

Our work is based on § 11 SGB VIII (Social Law) in which it is stated that young people should be provided with the necessarry opportunities to promote their development. These should meet the interests of young people and they should participate in decision-making. The requirements should enable them to self-determination and inspire them to participate in social engagement:.

Focus is laid on the following domains

• Planning and implementation of conceptions adjusted to requirements / youth- aid conception
• Co-ordination and realization of holiday programmes and offers for children and adolescents
• Public relations
• Head of municipal youth institutions
• Mobile youth work and social-geographically oriented offers in the town centre, the urban districts and in the incorporated villages
• Networking with social initiatives, associations, institutions as well as social work at schools in Rheinfelden (Baden)
• Organizing of various events in the fields of youth cultural work as well as of gender-specific youth work
• Involvement in issues of town development (facilities games, sports and leisure)
• Supervision of the local youth parliament
• Implementation of training courses and informative events for adolescents as well as consultation and mediation in social issues

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