Living in Rheinfelden

The administrative centre of the district of Rheinfelden (Baden) is situated between the Dinkelberg, a mountain range of the Southern Black Forest, and the High Rhine in the so-called Dreiländereck of Germany, France and Switzerland. Rheinfelden (Baden) with its 32,383 inhabitants (as of January 2011) forms a center point within this region. The overall territory of Rheinfelden (Baden) covers more than 60 square kilometres. The town is allocated to the administrative district of Lörrach.

A little more than half of the inhabitants live in the main town and in the two incorporated villages of Nollingen and Warmbach. The other inhabitants live in the seven incorporated villages of Adelhausen, Degerfelden, Eichsel, Herten, Karsau, Minseln and Nordschwaben.

Within the boundary of Rheinfelden, and particularily on the Dinkelberg, you still find large forests. The territory around the town is mainly used for agricultural purposes. In town, mainly on the Rhine, there are extended industrial settlements. Rheinfelden centre has a small pedestrian zone and a varity of shopping facilities. 

Impressions of Rheinfelden (Baden)

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