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Rheinfelden connects!
The slogan of  Rheinfelden (Baden) applies for many domains of public life in the town and for the economy as well.

Rheinfelden connects South Baden, North Switzerland and Alsace

Rheinfelden (Baden) is situated in the  extreme southwest of the republic: Here in the Dreiländereck, the distances are short from Germany to Switzerland, to France and the other way round. Here, three different cultures, three different markets, different languages and dialects are connected. Thanks to commuters, cooperation partners, friendships or shopping habits, an interesting mixture and a togetherness have developed. The region is marketed by the Economic Region Southwest Ltd., a society  of which the town of Rheinfelden is a shareholder.
There are various projects of cross-border co-operation. „Infobest Palmrain“ was established as a trinational place of call dealing with cross-border matters.
Traditionally, the town has always maintained good relations with its neighbouring town Rheinfelden (Switzerland). Both towns not only carry the same name, they also realize the Local Agenda 21 in common, they also celebrate New Year’s Eve together on the Rhine bridge, they hold a common New Year reception and they share an ice-skating rink – these are merely small examples of the good neighbourly relations. 

Rheinfelden connects production and services

The present economic structure of Rheinfelden (Baden) is determined by a colourful branch mixture of small and middle-scale firms and large-scale enterprises. Rheinfelden used to be a purely industrial town and the production sector, while still strong, is diminishing more and more in favour of the service sector. Main branches are automobile ancillary supplier, chemical works, power production, medicine technology  and media.

The ten largest local enterprises (in alphabetical order):

• Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH (light metal foundry/automobile ancillary supplier)
• Cabot Rheinfelden GmbH (chemical works)
• Dr. Osypka GmbH (medicine technology)
• Energiedienst AG (power-producing enterprise)
• Evonik Industries AG (chemical works)
• mhPlus - BKK Hochrhein-Wiesental (health insurance)
• OZ Druck und Medien GmbH / Verlags GmbH / BPV Medien Vertrieb (media)
• Sparkasse Lörrach-Rheinfelden (financial services)
• St. Josefshaus Herten (workshop for handicapped persons)
• Umicore AG (specialized chemistry/automobile ancillary supplier)

Further important employers are the Frauenklinik (Gynaecological Clinic) of Rheinfelden and the administration of  Rheinfelden (Baden) and its institutions.

Rheinfelden connects tradition and modern times

This mixture of small, middle and large-scale enterprises only exists since the 1980s. Over decades, three large-scale enterprises dominated the economic picture of Rheinfelden: Aluminiumhütte (nowadays Aluminium Rheinfelden GmbH), Dynamit Nobel/Hüls and Degussa (nowadays Degussa AG) as well as  Kraftübertragungswerke Rheinfelden (KWR, nowadays Energiedienst AG).
Around the turn of the 20th century, they settled here and soon, and for a long time, they moulded the picture of Rheinfelden (Baden) as an industrial location and altogether they employed about 4.000 people during their boom periods. The industries settled in Rheinfelden (Baden), because the first European river power station was built here and thus, the prices for energy were low. In a way, these enterprises form the basic unit of the town of Rheinfelden (Baden), since before, there were only gardens, a vine-covered hill, a customs post and a railway station for Swiss Rheinfelden.

The economic structure of Rheinfelden (Baden) started to change in the 1980s when the first signs of crises appeared and  staff were considerably reduced. New trade zones were built at the Schildgasse and in Herten and small and middle-scale enterprises settled there. Nowadays, they provide the majority of the working places and are responsible for further growth of the town. But now as ever, the three enterprises dating back to the founding times, still play an important role. 

Rheinfelden connects work and joy of living

Working in Rheinfelden (Baden) means: working with a high quality of living. For a wide choice of scenic, cultural and culinary offers await the people living here. Not only the Rhine offers the possibility for long walks, sports activities and in summer for a cool refreshment. But also the Southern Black Forest and the Dinkelberg, being situated for a great part within the boundaries of Rheinfelden (Baden), invite people to relax and to stay offering many quiet places and widely branched hiking paths and magnificent views. And for those who want to go even higher – or to dive deeper – the Alps or  Lake Constance can be reached in a little less than an hour.

The cultural offer in the Dreiländereck is manifold: Apart from changing exhibitions and cultural highlights in Rheinfelden (Baden), the Swiss city of Basel attracts visitors offering a wide range of theatres, museums, musical performances and fairs. Big cities like Freiburg und Zurich are slightly more distant, but within reach. Delightful historical walls may be admired in Beuggen Castle, as well as in our neighbouring town of Rheinfelden (CH) and in Laufenburg.

From the culinary point of view, the Dreiländereck is pleasing, too. The excellent cooking and the wine of Baden are well-known for their quality. Moreover, Alsace is not far away for those who want to enjoy the French way of living!

Rheinfelden connects the Dreiländereck with Europe

The Dreiländereck possesses an outstanding traffic infrastructure by road, by rail, by water and by air. Since spring 2006, when the autobahn A 861 had been finished and the connection between the German and Swiss autobahn network been created, this infrastructure was even enhanced. The distance to Basel is 15 km which the short-distance traffic covers within nine minutes. By car, it takes insignificantly longer. In Basel, connections are available to the north-south-axe of ICE trains, briskly reaching the European economic metropolises such as Frankfort, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan or Paris.

Moreover, the Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg offers flights to various other European destinations like Brussels, Copenhagen, Rome or Madrid. The airport of Zurich is within a short and easy reach (70 km). Conveyance by ship from and to Rheinfelden (Baden) is possible without a problem: The shipping of goods on the Rhine starts in Rheinfelden (Baden). Here is the first Rhine port in Germany. 

What does Rheinfelden connect for you?

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